Two pawns in the game of life. Meeting each other on the field of life. They need to skip, get kicked off the game and come back again. In a psychological vacuum, à la David Lynch, they even meet the white shark and are confronted with the fear in themselves and the fear of being confronted with another person. How do we meet? What is happening in ourselves in this moment?

2012- a production of compagnie mintrotundschwarz in cooperation with LOFFT.Leipzig and mehrTANZ! Dance: Jana Rath, Marlen Schumann, Light by Thomas Achtner, Soundediting by Rafael Klitzing, video by tbmedia- Tobias Berger, photos by Thomas Dachs, funding by Kulturamt der Stadt Leipzig and Kulturstiftung des Freistaates Sachsen, copyright by compagnie mintrotundschwarz

„Big Bodies“

Life is a an elktest! Can you pass it or do you fail? Life is a monkey business! Do you know your monkey?
„Big Bodies“ is asking: what lies in our human bodies and how does this reflect on relationships? Two bodies- ready to go the whole hog! Two bunches of meat, with skin and hair, searching for the right recipe. A piece of spotlights and always new upcoming situations which reveal inner processes of the human being.

2012 in coproduction LOFFT.Leipzig and with the support of Deutzer Zentralwerk der schönen Künste- raum13-Köln. Performance/Dance by Reut Shemesh, Kadir Zeyrek, Light and Soundediting by Dirk Ziervogel, video by tbmedia-Tobias Berger, photos by Thomas Dachs, copyright by compagnie mintrotundschwarz

„Benimm Dich!“ (Behave Yourself!)

„Sit up straight!“, „Be quiet!“, „Behave yourself!“- expressions, which still echo from our childhood. Now we are grown up and we do not need dunning words anymore. But that does not mean at all, that we always want to behave accaptably and politely. The massive feeling to resist conformance is rising inwardly ever and anon, but mostly we overcome this feeling. Three persons are meeting on a table. Each one knows how to behave, knows every rule. But they break the rules and provoke unpredictable reactions. From here, moments full of natural intimacy, will be developed. We reveal intimate desires of our body: gently, rawly, liberating.

2011 in coproduction with LOFFT.Leipzig. Costums by Rebecca Löffler, Light by Andrej Schwabe, Thomas Achtner, video and cut by Ulf Wogenstein, Alexander Schumann, music cut by Dirk Ziervogel, photos by Thomas Dachs, copyright by compagnie mintrotundschwarz

„Heart Core“

This short piece was developed out of „Kernstück II“.We see two women who are trying to find their core with each other and within themselves. With the help of some cucumbers and Curt Cobain, they try everything to fill up their holes.

2011, video made by raum13, Cologne.
Alles Was Tanzt- Tanzgipfel 2011
concept/choreography/costums by compagnie mintrotundschwarz, danced by Jana Rath, Marlen Schumann

„Kernstück II“

Again and again we want to find the core of the matter. But where is it hiding and how can we find it? Two people are searching for the core in themselves and in their counterpart. Sometimes the core is hard, sometimes soft and sometimes quite rough. But exactly there we confront ourselves and the others. Here we collide- in a rough, gentle, fast or slow way.

2010 in cooperation with werkstattmacher e.V. and LOFFT, Leipzig, copyright by compagnie mintrotundschwarz, video by Alexander Schumann
photos by Leonore Rost


In „6097“ the compagnie mintrotundschwarz is composing images of the future, which reach from intimate expectations of the next day, to visionary concepts of future. On one side the physical presence is reduced to a minimum, but on the other side it cannot be separated from the human being.

2009 in cooperation with LOFFT Leipzig, copyright by compagnie mintrotundschwarz, video by Olaf Uhlemann
photos by Thomas Dachs

„Wie Jetzt Moment“

Wie jetzt, Moment…. wait- one moment….sometimes we need a short moment to follow our lives. Things are changing too quickly and we just let them happen. We look at ourselves and either we can enjoy what´s going on or we try to hold on. „Wie Jetzt Moment“ is a site-specific-work where the audience is standing in front of a shop window while inside different scenes and thoughts find space to develop. Lightly, sensitively, tempting.

2008 in cooperation with HERBERT KRESSE, Leipzig, copyright by compagnie mintrotundschwarz, video by Alexander Schumann


2007 in ccoperation with werkstattmacher e.V. and LOFFT Leipzig, copyright by compagnie mintrotundschwarz, photos by Thomas Dachs