LOFFT – Verein zur Förderung des Leipziger Off-Theaters.  Coproduction of the piece „Benimm Dich!“ in the „Impulsprogramm“. Furthermore LOFFT was a partner for „6097“ and „Kernstück II“.

Werkstattmacher e.V. has been a platform for producing the piece „Kernstück II“.

Florian Lenz is a performer in the piece „Benimm Dich!“ As an actor he performed at Theater Göttingen and Hans-Otto-Theater Potsdam, as well as in several danceperformances of Christoph Winkler and Miriam Horwitz.

Schloss Bröllin e.V. gave us the oppurtunity to research for „Benimm Dich!“ in the „artist-in-residence“-programm.

Tanzzentrale der Region Nürnberg e.V. was supporting the piece „Benimm Dich!“ with a residency in october 2011

raum13- Cologne performance of „HEART CORE“ (short piece) in september 2011 and residency for the next production in spring 2012

Thomas Dachs is a steady partner for photo documentation and PR photography.

Alexander Schumann is supporting us regulary with the postproduction of video documentations.

tbmedia (Tobias Berger) supported us with producing the promovideo-trailer for „Benimm Dich!“

Leipziger Kulturpaten arranged a culture sponsorship with the tax consultant Thomas Schade

Dirk Ziervogel supports us with several music editings. For 2012, he is going to have the technical response for the next production in spring/summer.

Rebecca Löffler created the costums for „Benimm Dich!“