Compagnie mintrotundschwarz is artistically guided by Jana Rath and Marlen Schumann.

In 2007, with the first production of „Realität 3bar“ the company was founded in Leipzig, Germany. In 2009, with the piece of „6097“, Marlen Schumann joined the company.

Compagnie mintrotundschwarz is creating contemporary dance-performances which are filled with sensibility in bodies and ideas. We are playing with secret, diserable and ordinary material. Based on the idea that every human being underlies the affinity to play, we create and perform playfully, without losing the focus of reality. In Saxony, the compagnie mintrotundschwarz developed to an important component in the field of dance. In 2009, with the piece of „6097“ mintrotundschwarz has been laudatory mentioned by the Leipziger Bewegungskunstpreis.

Created work:

2012 „TWIX“ (short piece)

2012 „Big Bodies“

2011 „Benimm Dich!“

2011 „Heart Core“ (short piece)

2010 „Kernstück II“

2009 „6097“

2008 „Wie Jetzt Moment“

2007 „Realität 3bar“

Marlen Schumann was born in 1980 in Dresden, Germany. She studied Dance/Pedagogy at the Palucca Schule Dresden. After that she passed the ArtEZ Dansacademie in Arnhem, Netherlands and graduated in Dance and Choreography in 2008. Since then she lives and works in Leipzig, Germany. She creates own pieces, works for several companies like Tanztheater Görlitz and Leipziger Tanztheater and performs for different choreographers. Since 2009 she works with compagnie mintrotundschwarz.

Jana Rath was born in Leipzig, Germany in 1979. She studied Dance and Pedagogy at Palucca Schule Dresden. Meanwhile she already started to perform for different choreographers like Heike Hennig and Martina LaBonté. In 2007 she founded compagnie mintrotundschwarz. With company ciaconna clox she performed the piece „Die wilden Schwäne“ which won the „Leipziger Bewegungskunstpreis“ in 2010.